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Our History


In 2007 after research and social planning by the Social Service of  Anti-Cancer Oncological Hospital  "Saint Savvas" we claimed from the Real Estate Company (S.R.E)  the "Refugees Construction Block"which is located at Alexandras Ave, so as to house,  "Social  vulnerable groups", cancer patients and their caregivers, who come from Mainland and the Greek Islands to undergo external treatment. 

We  highlighted  this  social   need of creating Guest Houses by  informing        institutions  and  citizens  through the media   (press- releases,  interviews etc)   but also through all the social media.

To inform patients, their caregivers and the public about the need to create a Guest House, we held several events outside the cancer hospital "Agios Savvas".  We also held a concert, during which 13 rock and pop music bands participated voluntarily and supported us.

However, our communication and cooperation with all involved public sectors, for four years, had been without result. 
This serious social problem was then raised in the Greek Parliament. 

Following this, a sponsor showed interest and undertook the utilization and renovation of a Refugee complex, with a capacity of 30 apartments, 55 sq.m. each. Actions were taken and the institution of a Guesthouse was included in the Regulatory Law of Athens.

Since then, this public property was transferred to the “Public Property Utilization Fund” and the problem remains pending.  Driven by the daily requests of cancer patients and their caregivers at the Social Service Department of the Cancer Hospital "Agios Savvas", we formed the Association "Pnoi Agapis”, in the summer of 2008.

Founding members: 1. Andiotis Efthymios 2. Ardavanis Alexandros 3. Gazi - Rapti Maria 4. Zymni Aikaterini 5. Zoi Nineta 6. Kokkalis Georgios7. Koliaraki Antonia 8. Liakopoulou Panagiota 9. Loukopoulou Maria 10. Malamos Nikos 11. Mavraga Elisavet 12. Mitsaka Dimitra 13.Moschos Georgios114. Michael Maria 15. Droufakou Stavroula 16. Papadopoulou Anastasia 17. Papaevangelou Thomas 18. Papakonstantinou Eugenia 19. Papakonstantinou Maria 20. Pavlidou Angeliki 21. Pissakas Georgios 22. Prosinikli Evangelia 23. Sotiropoulou Anastasia 24. Fillis Ioannis

The Guesthouse "Ioannis D. Kritikos” donated by Mrs. Elisabeth Fotinelli–Kritikou in memory of her husband, started its operation in August 2013.

  The Guesthouse is located near the Anti-Cancer Oncological Hospital "Agios Savvas".  It is housed on 2 floors and has 9 double rooms, 3 bathrooms per floor, 2 shared kitchens and a living room. The Guesthouse is fully equipped with electrical appliances, catering items as well as clothing for people who are admitted urgently to the hostel. The building has specifications for people with special needs.

The 2nd Guesthouse "Elisavet Fotinelli- Kritikou", is fully equipped to meet all the basic needs of patients and / or their attendants. It is housed on four floors and the guest rooms are double with individual restrooms, while on each floor there is a fully equipped communal kitchen, living room with TV and wi-fi network. The Guesthouse "Elisavet Fotinelli-Kritikou" has 12 rooms, with the capacity to accommodate 28 people. There are meeting and recreation areas, where the multifarious psychosocial programs of "Pnoi Agapis” take place.

Πιστοποίηση ποιοτικής διαχείρησης των  Ξενώνων


Βράβευση  της Πνοής για το  έργο των Ξενώνων  απο την Ακαδημία Αθηνών


 Δημιουργία 2ου Ξενώνα "Ελισάβετ Φωτεινέλλη-Κριτικού"

Κρατική  Πιστοποίηση  Ξενώνων


Ιδρυση Συλλόγου "Πνοή Αγάπης¨"


 Δημιουργία 1ου Ξενώνα "Ιωάννης  Δ.  Κριτικός"

Διεκδικήση των Προσφυγικών διαμερισμάτων επι της  Λ.Αλεξάνδρας για τη δημιουργία Ξενώνων φιλοξενίας ασθενών


Σύσταση Σώματος Εθελοντών  απο την Κοινωνική Υπηρεσία  του  ΓΑΟΝΑ ο "Αγ. Σάββας"