Odoo - Παράδειγμα 3 για 3 στήλες

Guest House "Ioannis D. Kritikos"

One of the main aims of “Pnoi Agapis”, the establishment of a Guest House for cancer patients and / or their caregivers who come from all over Greece to be treated at Cancer Hospitals in Attica, was made possible thanks to the generous donation by Mrs. Elisabeth Fotinelli - Kritikou in memory of her husband Ioannis D. Kritikou.

Odoo - Παράδειγμα 3 για 3 στήλες

Guest House "Elisavet Fotinelli-Kritikou"

Due to the steadily increasing demand for cancer patients and the successful operation of the first Hostel, our second Guest House “Elisavet Foninelli- Kritikou”  has been built by the same donor.
This is housed in a building of neoclassical architectural design, where our main offices also located.

Cancer Patients and their caregivers we host each year

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