Our Purposes

The association of "PNOI AGAPIS"  has main vision to offer emotional, psychological and social support to Cancer Patients and their families,
as well to inform and raise awareness of the society  about cancer.

  Aims of Association

Psychological  support for patients and their families

 The Scientific, Social and Emotional support of cancer patients and their families, from the diagnosis of the disease and throughout their treatment to their integration-reintegration into society.  

Guest Houses

The creation and operation of a Social Guest House for cancer patients and their caregivers from the countryside, as long as they are in need of housing during their treatment in Athens, and in accordance with the provisions of article no 7, of Δ23/ΟΙΚ.19061-1457 (published in the Government Gazette 1336 issue B/12/05/2016) joint Ministerial Decision. 

Voluntary body

 The creation of a Voluntary Body with training and supervision by a Social Worker and by scientists with clinical experience at the Cancer Hospital “O Agios Savvas”, or at other Hospitals in Athens that have Oncology Departments or at the “Pnoi Agapis” Association.  

Patients Rights Quide

The participation and cooperation of other Associations for the creation of a unified legal framework and guide of “the benefits and rights” for cancer patients, their families and their caregivers.  

Information  on Cancer Disease Prevention

The elaboration of information-awareness programs, prevention and early diagnosis programs related to cancer in the wider community.  The elaboration of programs for the rejuvenation and empowerment of health professions. Design and development of information and prevention programs at School Communities, along with the training of teachers, professors and parents, on the social and emotional dimension of cancer. 

Development of Social Research

The study and pursuit of Social Research, in member-states of the European Community, for the investigation of problems and needs of cancer patients, their caregivers and their families. The exchange of know-how and views between countries with similar bodies, by establishing continuous communication with them, and coordination of actions for the undertaking of similar Community Programs. 

Attracting Sponsors

A call for Sponsors for the development of the above activities, which aim to promote and support the causes of the Association “Pnoi Agapis”

Support of Palliative Care

 Promoting and supporting a palliative care structure in the final stages of cancer. 

Home Nursing Care
(Future Target)

Providing care, support and the development of home care for cancer patients.  


Telephone Support Line                                   (Future Target)

The institution and operation of a telephone line for the purpose of providing counseling-psychological support and guidance to cancer patients and their families.   

Collaboration with a network of Social Pharmacies throughout Greece

.Collaboration and networking of “Pnoi Agapis” with pharmacies in Greece in order to assist cancer patients who are in financial need.

Patient Fund
(Future Target)

 The quest for sponsors to meet the needs of cancer patients and their families during their stay at our Guest Houses “Ioannis D. Kritikos” and “Elisavet Fotineli-Kritikou” .